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Electronics Lab

Electronics Lab
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Tektronix 2445 Oscilloscope, General Radio 1650A Impedance Bridge, General Radio 1346 Audio Voltmeter, General Radio 1568A Wave Analyzer, HP 141T Spectrum Analyzer, HP 8552B IF Section, HP 8553L RF Section, HP 8556A RF Section, HP 5316A Universal Counter, HP 8640B RF Signal Generator, HP 8903A Audio Analyzer, HP 3438A Multimeter, HP 3457A Multimeter, HP 410C AC Voltmeter, WaveTek 188 Function Generator (2), Simpson 260 Series 8 VOM, Simpson 312 VTVM, Multronics ME-61 Field Strength Meter, James Millen 90651 Grid Dip Meter, B&K 707 Tube Tester, HP 6255A Dual Power Supply, HP 712C Tube Amplifier Power Supply

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Electronics Lab Operating Aids Collins Macintosh KA6MAY QSL
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