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If you are interested in building some multi-tier equipment shelves for your Ham Radio or Music Equipment the you might want to take a look at this site:
Ultimate Support
This company makes this stuff to hold music equipment, pro audio equipment, medical equipment and bicycles. You can build shelves and desk that will not bend or warp under weight and look good. I built three levels of shelves with this stuff to hold my Icom equipment. The only tools required are an Allen wrench and a small pipe cutter (hack saw will do). The wood shelves and desktop I used were from Home Depot. The supporting hardware to hold the wood shelving together was from Ultimate Support. About the only Ultimate parts I used were: UNF-150 Universal Fitting, TFG-150 T-Fitting, and both the thick wall and thin wall tubing (usually comes in six foot lengths). Take a look at the examples page.

UNF150 TFG150 Tubing

I built a desk and shelves in about two hours. This stuff is like putting together Tinker Toys (they call them ThinkerToys).

Preac Tools

If you are interested in small tools take a look at this site:
Preac Tool Company
Charlie Files makes the best minature tools I have seen. This stuff is built like a tank. I first noticed Preac by seeing reviews of Charlie's table saw on a model ship building list. If you have ever seen the skill it takes to build a model of a tall ship, then imagine what type of tools these modelers use - then think of Preac. Below are some pictures of his tools.

Table Saw Sander Drill Press

The pictures above are of the table saw, thickness sander, and drill press. I have all three of these tools and love them!

Sherline Tools

Another great small tools manufacturer.
Sherline Precision Miniature Machine Tools
Currently, I have the long lathe (4400) and 8-directional mill (2000).

Sherline Products Sherline Accessories

The pictures above are of the Sherline Products (Lathes and Mills) and Sherline Accessories. I would reccomend these products to anyone looking for a miniature lathe or mill.

KGO AM 810 Radio

KGO in the San Francisco Bay Area is my favorite radio station. When I had to commute a couple of hours a day, the only pleasurable part of that experience was listening to KGO. KGO is a News Talk radio station. It is an ABC affiliate. What I enjoy about KGO is the wide variety of information I obtained by just listening. KGO not only has politics (all sides of the issues), but has diverse and interesting programming. Some of the topics include astronomy, technology, medicine, resturant reviews, etc. After listening, I always felt I learned something new. When I moved to Atlanta, I tuned into the local ABC affiliate - WSB. What a disappointment. This station is nothing but hate radio. I tried listening for a couple of months, but felt like it was a waste of time. I turned off the radio and switched to "books on tape". I was excited when KGO started providing streaming audio.

KGO AM 810 Radio, San Francisco Bay Area
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My favorite host on KGO is Ronn Owens. Ronn is politically moderate. His book "Voice of Reason - Why the Left and Right are Wrong" is very balanced. I don't always agree with him, but he's always interesting. Ronn has his own site. It can be found at the following link:

Ronn Owens
Ronn Owens Archive 09:00 AM Pacific
Ronn Owens Archive 10:00 AM Pacific
Ronn Owens Archive 11:00 AM Pacific

Google Search Engine

Google is my favorite search engine. I've really had good luck with Google.

Southeastern DX Club

The Southeastern DX Club is a specialized club for DX'ers in the Atlanta Area.
Included here is a link to a TelNet connection to a DX Packet Cluster. It requires that you have a TelNet client.
Southeastern DX Club
Southeastern DX Club

DX Telnet


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