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Basement Shack

Basement Shack
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Collins DL-1 Dummy Load (Round Emblem), Third Party Antenna Switch (Collins Look-alike), Collins 30L-1 Linear Amplifier (Round Emblem), Collins 516F-2 Power Supply (Round Emblem), Collins KWM-2A Tranceiver (Round Emblem)
Logikey K3 Keyer, Collins 516F-2 Power Supply (Round Emblem), Collins 32S-3 Transmitter (Round Emblem), Collins 312B-4 Station Console (Round Emblem), Collins 75S-3C Receiver (Round Emblem)
Collins SM-3 Microphone, GDH GD347WS Telegraph Key (Optical Contacts)

Upstairs Downstairs Basement Office Automobile Bicycle
Electronics Lab Operating Aids Collins Macintosh KA6MAY QSL
Kenwood Operating Aids Collins Drake iPod Mercedes


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