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Some of My Favorite Condiments, Sauces, and Seasonings

Narsai Narsai's Chocolate Decadence Sauce This is a sauce from Narsai David - The inventor of the Chocolate Decadence Cake. It's fantastic over vanilla ice cream.

Bonny Doon Bonny Doon Muscat Vin de Glaciere Aperitif Wine A fabulous dessert wine from a vineyard in Bonny Doon (in the Santa Cruz Mountains). I first had this wine in a restaurant in Napa. It's quite sweet and high in alcohol content.

Mendocino Mustard Mendocino Mustard - Hot & Sweet Great on a Carr's cracker with a piece of smoked sturgeon or swordfish.

Trader Vic Trader Vic's South Pacific Style Javanese Dressing Got to be my favorite salad dressing.

Desert Rose Desert Rose Red Salsa Desert Rose Salsa was one of the first boutique salsas designed to be sold in gourmet shops. Depending on my mood, I switch from mild, medium, and hot.

DingusMcGee Dingus McGee's Sierra Barbecue Sauce Dingus McGee's appears to be out of business. If anyone knows the recipe for their bar-b-que sauce, please email me at:
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Take some ribs. Soak them overnight in a mixture of Corona Extra beer and lemon juice (one lemon for every bottle of beer). Cook them on a grill. The last thirty minutes, slap some Dingus McGee's on them. Add a little Dingus McGee's on the side when serving.

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