Kenwood TH-F6A/TH-F7E Memory Managment Software for the Mac OS X

I started writing a memory management program for the Kenwood TH-F6A/TH-F7E
that would run on a Macintosh using OS X. This is the reason I spent the time
researching and writing the Kenwood TH-F6A/TH-F7E Protocol Specification .
I started writing it in Java and planned on it operating in a browser window.
It was to be similar in functionality to the Kenwood version. I became
involved in a new software startup and had to put it on a back burner.

Then, someone sent me an email informing me that Don Agro VE3VRW had beaten
me to it! Don had written a driver supporting the TH-F6A/TH-F7E for his
general-purpose memory manager program - MacMemoriesManager. His software is
available from Dog Park Software Ltd.

Dog Park Software


I have been using MacMemoriesManager and have been pleased with the results.
The program maintains the 399 memories. It would be nice if it managed the
other settable items in the TH-F6A/TH-F7E (like menu items). But in general,
it is a good and reliable piece of software.

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